Terms of Use

The runPress app is a sports running simulator. This application does not store user personal information, which can be found in the Privacy Policy on the dkapp.ru application website.

Technical support

Technical support for all users is carried out by e-mail dkapp19@gmail.com.

Application update

The developer sequentially completes the application in order to improve it, and also eliminates errors if they are detected. Updating the application is free of charge.

App subscription

In order to maintain the project in working order, in this application, in addition to the full one-time payment of the application, the possibility of monthly automatically renewable payment of the application (subscription to the application) is also provided. In this case, the amount of advertising shown in the application is reduced to a minimum that does not interfere with the use of the program. The specified subscription can be purchased within the application using the automatic mechanism provided by Apple (in-app purchase). The subscription is made from the user's account in iTunes and is updated automatically. You can cancel your subscription through the Basic iOS settings in the iTunes account settings at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.

Limitation of liability

The developer of this runPress application is not liable for direct, implied, incidental, intentional fines, losses and other losses, including, but not limited to, loss of income, reputation, user rights, data and other types of losses involving intangible assets in case such losses and damage arose as a result of: a) the use or inability to use this application; b) unauthorized access to data or their damage as a result of user actions; c) actions or claims related to this application expressed by third parties; d) any other reason related to this annex.

Warranty Disclaimer

a) The decision to use this runPress application is entirely up to you. The developer intentionally disclaims warranties of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to, warranties of profit from the use of this application and their adequacy for specific purposes that are not described in this document.

b) The receipt of information through this application by downloading data or otherwise is placed at your discretion. You are the only person responsible for any damage to equipment or loss of data that may arise as a result of obtaining such information using this application and related services.

c) Recommendations or information verbally or in writing received by you from the Developer or through this application and related services do not imply any guarantees, unless otherwise indicated in this document.


The developer reserves the right to update these Terms of Use at any time in order to maintain their relevance and relevance with the development of the runPress project. Updated Terms will be posted on the dkapp.ru website and, if necessary, sent to users by e-mail.